Heat Network Exchange

A new place for the heat network sector to offer their services and unlock opportunities

Welcome to the Heat Network Exchange

This Heat Network Exchange aims to make it easier for you to find companies providing services or parts to the heat network sector and make requests to the heat network sector if you need urgent help to keep your network running. 

The Heat Network Exchange is free to use and was initiated because of the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 continues to pose on businesses and customers in the heat network sector – in particular around accessing the right skilled people and critical equipment. 

There are four key areas to offer and request services available to you: 

  • The Supplier Directory: The Supplier Directory is an open directory to bring all heat network services (incl. those related to COVID-19) in one handy place, increase cooperation, and unlock new opportunities across the UK heat network sector. (Please note that no assessments are conducted on any entries
  • The Noticeboard: The Noticeboard offers businesses in the sector the opportunity to post a request for services or equipment beyond their normal supplier networks. Businesses who have signed up to be alerts will automatically receive these requests to their inbox. 
  • The Managing Heat Networks Through Crises guidance is useful to help owners/operators of heat networks to anticipate and seek support in the event of difficulties.  
  • The Heat Network Emergency Responder Team, industry have come together to offer a first emergency response for heat networks in circumstances beyond operator control due to COVID-19 challenges and where challenges are presenting a serious risk to life. Please note that this is for genuine heat network emergencies when all other reasonable actions have been unsuccessful. It does not replace the 999 emergency services. They can be contacted on 03450 260 307.   

Register here and join the Heat Network Exchange. 

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) would also like to hear from you on how you currently estimate the risks in the sector. Please complete one of the following two surveys (around 25 questions) to inform the Government-industry response. These surveys are particularly relevant if your primary function in the heat network sector is:

  1. owning or operating a heat network or
  2. in providing heat network construction services.

Should you have any questions regarding the Heat Network Exchange, please email admin@heatnetworkexchange.co.uk.

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